As inflation continues to climb, we've seen the price of everything from food to cars to electricity jump dramatically over the past year. According to theBureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Price Index the price of groceries from August 2021 to August 2022 has risen by 11.4%. That equates to more than a $1,000 increase in the average family's annual grocery bill.

There are many ways we can attempt to soften the burden of soaring food prices on our bank accounts, from cooking versus eating out, to coupon clipping, to shopping at discount stores. But one option to saving on our food expenses is one that can also help us on our health and wellness journey... meal prepping!

One estimate proposes an individual could save $2,600 per year by meal prepping versus buying lunch every day. Not to mention the ability to eat healthy, home cooked, whole foods. Good-bye Chipotle, hello DIY burrito bowls!

As an added benefit, meal prepping also has several health benefits. In addition to the financial savings, meal prepping can be a game changer for those that are tracking their macros or calorie intake. By planning out your meals and preparing them in advance you can also more easily control portion size and track your macros. If you're eating your homemade pre-prepped sheet pan cilantro lime chicken, there's no temptation to get a side of fries with your meal.

Meal prepping nutrient-dense, healthy meals can make a big difference in many ways. The cost savings in our current economic climate is obviously huge. But building this positive habit can also have a tremendous impact on your health. So, find some recipes, make a grocery list and get to prepping. You'll likely be very happy you did.

Check out this simple, healthy recipe to get started on your meal prep journey here.