Ah protein, one of the major building blocks in the trifecta of nutrients that make up our daily diets. Whether you’re an athlete hoping to gain some muscle mass, someone recovering from surgery, or you’re simply looking for a more consistent source of energy in your diet, protein may have been recommended to you…and rightfully so. We know that protein helps to build and repair tissues and serves as an extra source of energy for our bodies. Given the multiple benefits of protein, it goes without saying that there are plenty of protein products out there hoping to meet the protein demands of its customers. So how does Whey’d set itself apart in a sea of protein supplements? Let’s dive into it…

The Science: Concentrate, Isolate, and Hydrolysate

Contained within that bright white protein tub adorned with an eye-catchingly colorful sweat drop is actually a lot of science. Believe it or not there’s a lot more to protein than meets the eye. If you take a minute to check out the Nutrition Facts panel on the back of your tub of Whey’d you’ll see that there are three types of protein that contribute to that oh-so delicious protein shake. Let’s take a quick look at what each of these components bring to your shaker bottle…

1. Whey Protein Concentrate: This heavy-hitter makes up 60% of the protein contained in Whey’d. As the most nutrient-dense form of protein, some might say that Whey Protein Concentrate is the most important of the three. While Whey Protein Concentrate may not help you actually “concentrate” as you’re sipping on Whey’d during your boring work meeting, it does provide many micronutrients that are vital for your muscles, hair, and bones. Those micronutrients are more easily absorbed in our bodies because Whey Protein Concentrate also contains something special, fat. The fat contained in Whey Protein Concentrate also contributes to that great creamy texture of Whey’d that we love.

2. Whey Protein Isolate: As the name would imply, Whey Protein Isolate is an isolated form of protein. We can think of it as a leaner version of Whey Protein Concentrate as it goes through further processing which eliminates the additional fats and carbohydrates. This processing leaves us with a more “isolated” protein. Since this protein contains essentially zero fats, it is optimal for quick digestion and maximal absorption.


3. Whey Protein Hydrolysate: Say that one 5 times fast! Speaking of fast, Whey Protein Hydrolysate is the fastest digesting protein in Whey’d. Although this form of protein makes up the smallest amount of the three, it plays a large role in the digestion of your shake. Since Whey Protein Hydrolysate contains essentially zero lactose and fats, this protein will digest quicker than you can say “pass me that tub of Brownie Milkshake Whey’d!”. What does that mean for you? It means that you’ll feel less bloated than you may with other whey proteins. An added benefit of this rapidly digesting protein is increased muscle recovery. Sounds like a win-win-win to me!


The Taste: Delicious and Nutritious

Now that we know a little more about the contents of this delicious protein, let’s get into what makes it so tasty. From the unique flavors of Frooty Cereal and Cinnamon Roll, to that classic and Vanilla Cream, Whey’d offers up one-of-a-kind flavors sure to please any palate. You may be wondering how something that’s good for you can actually taste so good. You may also be wondering how we get that luscious creamy texture, when other protein shakes are always so chalky and thin. The secret is in the oil! We’re not talking about those essential oils your Aunt Janice keeps trying to sell to you. We’re talking about sunflower oil. The healthy fats in sunflower oil not only provide that velvety creamy texture, but it also allows our bodies to maximize nutrient absorption making Whey’d truly delicious and nutritious!

Lisa “Whey”ing in on Whey’d

 Is Whey’d absolutely delicious? Yes. Is Whey’d a fantastic source of protein and healthy fats? Also, yes…but don’t just take my word for it. At Sweat Ethic we are fortunate to have some amazing ambassadors who support our mission. One of those wonderful ambassadors is Lisa Castaneda. Lisa is a group fitness instructor and personal trainer who has been using Whey’d for a few years now. In other words, she knows her stuff when it comes to fitness and nutrition. She also likes to find creative ways to use her protein to help meet her protein goals each day. “I love to mix the protein powder into milk for my cereal. My personal favorite is bran flakes with coconut granola, berries, almond milk and Cinnamon Roll Whey’d, yum yum!” says Lisa. She is also a fan of adding protein in her pancake mix, muffin mixes, puddings, and even French toast! Don’t mind me drooling over here at the thought of some delicious Cinnamon Roll protein French toast. If you’re looking for some more inspiration, check out Lisa on Instagram @fitmom.lisa

Now that we know a little more about the components of this delicious protein and their many benefits, how will you use Whey’d next? Pancakes? Muffins? A classic protein shake with your favorite add-ins? Or, will you find a fun new “whey” to incorporate this protein into your diet? Let us know and tag us on Facebook and Instagram @sweatethic